Advertise at home and earn $50 bucks
The When

After the sign up you will be in direct contact with your account manager. You will receive set instructions of when payment is due, what payment option your chose, what promotion you chose or which was made readily available to you. When you receive the promo, follow the instruction on reposting the add during the given time frame. Remember some of the Marketing ads are time sensitive. If, for example , the ad is expressing an event that is down the street in Manhattan an it is posted by you tomorrow then it wouldn't be very effective. Things like this can effect the pay and result in a restriction from the gig or from all gigs altogether.


If you start building up a good report within the company and are looking to further your financial expansion we offer franchising opportunities where we will have individuals advertise your product, service, or event. This is similar if not the same of what you are doing for us with the contracts we accrue via promos.