Advertise at home and earn $50 bucks
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Now, during the crisis many individuals have been having a tough time commuting to work or traveling for what was taken for granted. From shopping in person or taking a stroll, life has become difficult. With Franchiseme Promotional we want you guys to work in the convenience of your on home. Despite this is an acting audition ad or an artist new record ad you can do so at your fingertips. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are accepted when preforming these gigs.


When you do so chose to sign up we will explain the process of choosing the available promotional, answer all questions concerning payment and assign you a representative to contact when you are in need of help. We offer multiple forms of payments such as Cash, Stock, or gold in its value in USD. We understand that this world is changing and want to make you adjust to this change as the most comfortable way possible for you.