Advertise at home and earn $50 bucks
The Who

Welcome to FranchiseMe. This is of course an OfosusCollection company. Currently during the Covid Pandemic we are not currently opening franchises, which is the main business we offer. No worries, we have developed a way that the public can still gain a bit of increase in their finances through promotions. You see, when you scroll on your phone while you check your social media, watch your favorite movies, or review your favorite blogs, you tend to come across ads. These vary depending on where you been throughout the internet or history you accumulated through your searches.

Well for this to be possible, marketing companies pay these online venues to advertise a product, service, or event. This can either be done per click or per each time the ad populates. As stated before, during this Covid pandemic we are running a promotion in which we will pay you to share either a product, link, event, service, artist, or something of the nature. You will be paid a week after the Ad promotion is over and will be paid 50 bucks.