Funding & Recruiting


We are not your regular run-of-the-mill online work-at-home company because where you're special run the mill online work-at-home company. We like to give our staff, users, and franchisers the ability to have options. The company was created due to the high payment that fellow business people alike have to deposit when opening a franchise or starting a business.  It doesn't make sense for any man or woman to pay three times the amount that they have just to make a little bit over what they already earned and we realize that.


 Franchise me is about opportunity. So you basically have read a little bit about us and scrolled through some of the pages but have come here to get a little bit of a greater understanding. Well that's great!

 Franchise me as stated earlier is an online company where we recruit your staff to market your product. Of course a little bit of managing is involved but we will  train.

  So all in all in a nutshell, you are selling your product,  you're choosing your staff you want to work for you, you're requesting more staff to work for you while we offer you funding for your business venture. We did all this for you because we believe in changing lives.