What is the Job entail?

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Being a Virtual Franchise is an amazing path. As a virtual franchise you will be monitoring product inventory, you will be managing staff that we will hire for you to make sales for your franchise store, and you will be gauging these sales as well as building your store. Basically you will be either store managing or store supervising. We will provide all of the tools you need in your CRM . Your CRM will be the software that you use to track sales, customer, clients, and inventory. All training will be online via e-training modules and e-training videos. Remember all tools and modules and software will be available online to all franchises.

Most of your tools such as your crm and your training will be accessible via online or your mobile app. This is similar to those mobile app drive share applications that users can link with drivers to catch a ride to their destination the only difference is you wont be driving but you will be managing an online store where your staff will drive your sales.

If you have any further questions we would love to answer them here.