Question . How much am I getting paid.


Answer. If you are responding to a job posting you are getting paid for how much was posted. 


Question.Is this W-2 or W-4. 


Answer. Neither this is label under contracted but you are a franchisee.


Question. what is a franchise owner.


Answer. A franchise owner is doing business under the umbrella company which is a franchise company. So if you are franchise owner you are working for or doing business for a franchise me.


Question. Is this direct deposit.

Answer. Yes and that is all set up doing your immediate hiring paperwork. You should receive an email after a week when processing is complete .


Question. Do I get paid everyday or every two weeks or when do I get paid.


Answer. You get paid every day or every week after your 30 to 60 days. Of getting paid every 2 weeks. You will find out your first pay day during your hiring paperwork.


Question. How long is training in do I get paid for training.


Answer. Training takes a day to two days and it is online via videos. Training is not paid.


Question. Are you guys a new company and where are you located.


Answer. We are a new company and we are located on Peachtree Street in Atlanta Georgia. If you need further information we can have a staff member give you a call.


Question. Is there a company phone number.


Answer. We typically respond to you within 24 hours if you send us an email on our website on the contact us section.


Question. I want to see if you guys on the Better Business Bureau and I haven't been able to find you.


Answer. We are fairly new and we submitted all our information to Georgia and the Better Business Bureau and we should soon be on their websites.


Question. What is it that you guys do.


Answer. You can find all our information on the about us or more about us by going to the company website.