Final Step

Once all of this is done please introduce yourself and express your experience so far on your consultants FB community group so the public can view it. Here at ItsfranchiseMe, we want to be transparent.  It is only fair for others to see whether or not if we are giving you the service we are offering you and if we are delivering it well.

After this step, you and your consultant will be scheduling a conference call to determine your number in Que for us to recruit your marketers and project how long you will receive funding. You two will go over the process to get marketers marketing and funding funded from here via your communication.

Ideally, you will be given a list of ready and able marketers and funds granted to you per marketer. You will be able to see their bios' strengths and weaknesses and scheduled hours. 

There is a time frame for funds to be funded and marketers to be recruited so please give it the entire duration. You will have visible access to this once the 3rd step is completed. We will create you a partner page here at Itsfranchiseme. While funds are accruing, reach out to your consultant for business plan remodeling , your free projection report or consultation of your business. Let us help you.

Who is your consultant?  Your consultant is (Yess Ofosu). You can find Yess's resume below by clicking the PDF.