We have a large variety of products that your staff can sell for you and will sell for you. We make sure that we only hire the best however, depending on how long you have been working with the company or if you are a customer who is receiving a product from the company we can guarantee that everything is top quality. From the shipping to the delivery we want to make sure that we're with you every step along the way. It's a nice comfortable feeling to know that somebody is receiving what they asked for.


 As a franchise with the company we have everybody under a preliminary era. This is basically kind of like a trial. We want to see how well you are at managing your inventory and managing your staff and making Choice decisions. During this time we give you the product that your staff sells for you. As you manage the inventory and have critical conversations with your staff we want you to get a good feel of how it is to run a franchise. After this trial we have our company Consultants sell the product that you personally would like to sell. This can be your own design or your own idea and it's not limited any box so feel free.


As a customer receiving your product if you have any issues make sure you contact customer support. You want to make sure this is a smooth process and a smooth ship so we want to stray away from Rocky Waters. If you have any problem with your products such as damaged or late shipping again please contact us as soon as possible. If you receive the wrong product make sure it is packaged just as you received it so we can get it to the right customer soon as possible.